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Predator Arena Pool Table Light 9 Feet EU 9F4S PCBK CT36 - 4 Pieces - Matt Black

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Billard Beckmann
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The Predator Arena lighting system offers dramatic benefits to players and billiard room owners across the board. A perfect marriage of form and function, Predator Arena's patent-pending design enhances the atmosphere of any space by solving many of the problems associated with traditional lighting. It creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for your customers to experience and linger in. The lights are energy efficient and easy to install and operate.

A billiard lamp crafted from lightweight aluminum in a contemporary style, the Predator Arena casts an impeccably even, flicker-free, energy-efficient light onto your table and opens up your gaming space. All lights feature electrical connections for connecting small, lightweight camera gear (not included) to create an ideal setup for streaming or recording high-speed content. Utilize all of the critical vertical space above the table—even in low-ceiling environments. Designed to improve your gaming experience and game performance. Expand your vertical space and remove obstacles that hinder your concentration.

The CT36 Showcase model includes a wireless remote control. It is dimmable with full color temperature control (3000K-6000K) to provide a wide range of brightness levels and warm to cool settings. The remote control allows for 4 unique programmed scenes that adjust the brightness and color temperature as your preferred settings.

Features of the 9ft (2.74m) EU 9F4S PCBK CT36 Lighting Element

  • Weight only 8.6 kg
  • Lifetime about 5000 hours
  • Consumption approx. 108 watts
  • Illuminant: LED
  • Mains voltage 230V
  • Wireless remote control
  • Light color: 3000 to 5000K (brightness selectable, dimmable)
  • Dimensions: approx. 274 x 127 x 15 cm
We strongly recommend this model if any of the following apply:
  • Your pool table is located in a multifunctional room
  • Your pool table will be used for both social and competitive games
  • They will use the light to play or practice late at night
  • Your maximum ceiling height is less than approximately 244 cm (8 feet).


The freight will be determined by us after receipt of the order, because the packaging exceeds the standard dimensions or for collection in our shop, or in connection with the delivery of a billiard table. With a note on your order, we'll respond with a shipping quote, delivery estimate, or callback.

Arena billiard lamp has a matte finish with a subtle texture. The brushed aluminum black has a satin finish with a smooth brushed grain. Each unit comes with the necessary hardware for installation and a chrome Predator badge.

The light is supplied with a three pin plug with a 100 to 277 VAC input. A variety of ceiling configurations are possible with the Predator Arena, starting at ceiling heights as low as 213 cm (7 ft). The lamp is easily installed by a local electrician, or if you are skilled you can do it yourself, and includes everything needed for a successful installation in a drywall ceiling. Simply mount the luminaire's lighting segments on your table, attach the hanging wire to 6-8 mounting points (hardware included) on the ceiling and the ratchet clips to the luminaire, and gradually adjust the product to the desired height.

Other advantages of Arena pool table lighting systems

Balanced area lighting
Uniform lux intensity, measured over the entire playing surface. Controlled lighting of rails with clear focus and rendering of pillows.

Illuminated player area
Arena's perimeter lighting form factor casts light on athletes, illuminating personalities and highlighting their sponsor's patches as they perform

flicker free
Stable drivers support comfortable, extended and focused gaming sessions without unhealthy eye strain. Record immersive, high-speed camera video.

Outstanding light quality (CRI*)
Premium full-spectrum LEDs accurately reproduce sphere colors and skin tones

remote control
Available with the CT36 Showcase model

Adjustable color temperature
Available with the CT36 Showcase model – Dimmable, with full color temperature control (3000K-6000K) to provide a wide range of brightness levels and warm to cool settings.

Ready for multiple cameras
The open frame architecture and flexible camera placement options are designed to mount and power multiple overhead cameras.

Low profile open frame form factor
Expands vertical clearance for players and maximizes table visibility for spectators in any location

Complete hanging kit for easy installation
Lightweight frame and adjustable brackets maximize flexibility to fit any space

Full 3 year warranty
The three-year factory warranty covers lights, drivers, controllers and light sources

Extensible platform
Frame ready for upcoming attachments and exciting accessories that increase the performance of the platform


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